Sunday, May 1, 2016

Domains of Myth Updated

All of seven Domains of Myth have been updated to their current version, including their downloadable PDF companions. Most of the domains enjoyed only minor updates with the exclusion of the Love domain, which has been completely overhauled. In my own opinion, the Love domain is the real winner here.

While waiting for new Heroic Age updates, go ahead and check out any of the domains you may have missed.

Creation Domain

The gods and goddesses of creation can be separated into two categories: those deities who created the world or the cosmos, or else they are the gods of the smith, craftsmen, or some sort of trade – including Hephaestus, Ptah, or Cissonius. Clerics of these deities are capable for amazing feats of craftsmanship and  artistry, both magical and otherwise, able to create tools and weapons out of thin air and mend cracks and splinters with a word. Read more.

Destruction Domain
Deities of destruction and chaos tend to be vengeful, malicious even capricious by nature, but the one thing they all have in common is a unhealthy relationship with violence. Many clerics of these deities often relish in the pure act of destruction while some few see destruction as a necessary part of the cycle of ruin and rebirth, or simply as a tool to put an early end to something much worse. Read more.

Love Domain
Nearly every pantheon has a god or a goddess devoted to the concept of love. Examples include Aphrodite, Freya, Hathor, and Sune. Like their divine patrons, clerics of the love domain are often torn between the desire to find, cherish, and protect the a single beloved and the craving for lust, passion, intrigue, and the search for a new object of their attentions. Read more.

Sea Domain
While the tempest domain represents the power of the thundering Stormcaller and Lord of the Sky, the sea domain embodies the might of the crashing, whirling sea. Sailors and merchants often find themselves in the hands of the Sealord - deities such as Posidon, Ă†gir, and Ler - whose gentle embrace can guide them safely to port and whose fits of anger can send them topping overboard into unknown depths. Read more.

Travel Domain
The realm of vagabonds, merchants, messengers, and adventurers, the gods of the travel domain – including Hermes, Fharlanghn, Shinare, and Olladra - are popular among any who frequent the roads or sail the seas. The traveling priests of inhospitable regions also tend to represent the gods of travel. Read more.

Underworld Domain
The underworld, the realm that houses the tortured and senseless spirits of the dead is an image universal to real world mythology and distinct from the Death domain presented in the Dungeon Masters Guide. While there is some amount of overlap, the death domain focuses on the creation of undead servants, while the underworld domains is much subtler in its approach, bringing the sickness, disgust, and plagues that haunts the underworld into the mortal realm. Read more.

Winter Domain
Deities whose portfolios include the winter domain – Hoder, Boreas,  the Raven Queen, and others – govern over all aspects of sickness, cold, ice, and frost, and those creatures and peoples who dwell in cold, icy environments such as the northern reaches and high mountains. Read more.