Thursday, June 16, 2016

Words of Wisdom

After a month with no sleep and constant running around. I have come to a new conclusion: Don't start new commitments just after starting a brand new NGO and your wife having a baby.

Turns out, that, no, the urban myth that YES, you can just shove the baby back in the womb and wait another month is actually false. And with everything going on -work, NGO, theater, novel writing, new baby, new blog - something had to go.

Here, the good news, though, we might be back (no promises). School is over, which means I have three months where I get paid not to go to work (YES!!!!), I have new material to share. This time it's not 5e, but old OSR type stuff, including a new take on the Cleric and a crazy, new post-apocalyptic fantasy world.

Let's get cracking!