Saturday, April 30, 2016

May Theme: The Heroic Age

This month's theme, in honor of these ever-increasing temperatures that make me want to walk around shirtless, is the Heroic Age. In the coming weeks, you will find a whole host of resources and articles for swords and sandals gaming with 5e Dungeons and Dragons. For players, we'll have another 3 cleric domains, a barbarian path, new bard college, and at least one (and possible many more) new sorcerer origins. On the DM's side of the screen, we'll focus more on monsters of myth along with a new mysterious island and heroic adventure generator.

May 2 - Barbarian: Path of the Thaneborn

May 4 - Cleric: Revelry Domain

May 6 - Monsters of Myth (Part 1) [Postponed]

May 9 - Bard: College of the Muses

May 11 - Cleric: Strength Domain

May 13 - Monsters of Myth (Part 2)

May 16 - Sorcerer: Zodiac Mage

May 18 - Cleric: Fortune Domain

May 20 - Mysterious Island Generator

May 23 - TBA

May 25 - TBA

May 27 - Heroic Adventure Generator

May 30 - TBA